Upgrading to RouterOS v6.36.2 [current]

Mikrotik RouterOS v6.36.2 [current]
How to Upgrade:
To upgrade, click “Check for updates” at /system package in your RouterOS configuration interface, or head to Mikrotik Official download page:http://www.mikrotik.com/download

v6.36.2 forum topic discussion,

What’s new in 6.36.2 (2016-Aug-22 12:54):

*) arm – show cpu frequency under resources menu;
*) capsman – fixed upgrade policy;
*) ccr/crs – fixed SFP+ interface ddmi info reporting function. Info is now refreshed on regular intervals;
*) conntrack – fixed ipv6 timeout display;
*) conntrack – fixed removing icmpv6 connections;
*) dns – avoid unnecessary dynamic server address saving in storage;
*) dns – allow to set query-server-timeout and query-total-timeout only greater than 0s;
*) dns – fixed lockup when dynamic dns server address was received;
*) export – updated default values in /system routerboard settings menu;
*) partitions – fixed crash on repartition when there is not enough free space;
*) sstp – fixed disconnects on transmit for multicore systems;
*) switch – fixed configuration reload on CRS switches;
*) winbox – make queue tree default queue type default-small;

What’s new in 6.36.1 (2016-Aug-05 09:39):

*) address-list – allow DNS names with “_” symbol;
*) address-list – check for duplicates when domain name is used in address field;
*) bridge – fixed kernel failure when set-priority action was used in bridge firewall;
*) dns – avoid unnecessary static entry saving in storage;
*) email – increased time which email tool can spend while sending message;
*) export – removed unnecessary “log-prefix” on firewall export;
*) firewall – fixed time based rules on time/timezone changes;
*) log – logs loaded from disk after reboot didn’t have correct topics;
*) lte – fixed access technology update;
*) ovpn – add special exception route for tunnel itself when using add-default-route;
*) ping – fixed freezing on “not running” interfaces;
*) resource – fixed free-memory reporting after disk eject;
*) snmp – fixed packet corruption when multiple trap-targets were used;
*) tile – fixed rare kernel crash when fastpath is being active;
*) traffic-flow – fixed kernel failure when traffic-flow target uses small mtu;
*) upnp – fixed nat rule dst-port by making it visible again;
*) upnp – updated to make it work with more UPnP implementations (for example, latest Skype);
*) vrrp – fixed transition to backup state when ipv6 mode and equal priorities are used;
*) webfig – allowed user password changing (broken in v6.36);
*) x86 – fixed crash when igmp-proxy interface becomes “not running” while passing traffic;

Additional information:
there will be only one “wireless” package in the next RouterOS v6.37.
If you are not using “routeros” bundle package and have two wireless packages installed, uninstall one wireless package before upgrade to 6.37. For other cases simply upgrade to 6.37 version.
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